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Of the many ways your prescription may appear below are the three most common.

Enter your Prescription Below, make sure you enter the correct information and don't forget the + or -  before each number

Enter your         Sphere(SPH) Cylinder(CYL)Axis (AXI)               ADD is for Bifocal only

Right Eye (OD)       SPH:      CYL:     Axis:     ADD:

Left Eye (OS)       SPH:      CYL:     Axis:     ADD:


You also should have your PD, That is the distance between the center of your eyes when looking forward. If you do not have your PD or do not enter a PD value a average PD will be added for you but we can not guarantee this measurement will be best for you.

Now Re-check  your prescription and make sure it is correct. Be sure not to forget the + or -  that is before each number in your prescription
If you need help or have any questions please use the "contact us" page and we will get right back to you (we do not use call centers) We want to help you personally 

Almost finished. Enter the information below and click on submit and your done!

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